Storytelling Series

Join The Griffith Park Storytelling Series in the Batcaves of Griffith Park for a Sunday afternoon reading with Amelia Gray, Sergio Hernandez, Liz Stephens, Lauren Strasnick and Antoine Wilson

This is a reading series led by some seriously nice and together CalArts alumi. This month it’s on February 24.

And yes, this month it’s in The Actual Bat Caves used in the old TV series. So fun. Directions and times available on their facebook page.


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  1. Pamela Pierce says:

    Dear Liz,

    I wrote to Evelyn Funda to get your most up-to-date email, but I will just leave my thoughts on your great looking site instead.

    I also attended graduate school at Utah State. I have an MS in American Studies. Evelyn chaired my thesis and Melody sat on my committee. I also was an editorial fellow at WAL. We’ve met a few times and I was at WLA in Lubbock. I mostly remember you from Tacoma, the first conference I attended when I was still an undergrad. During the banquet, you chatted and knitted. It’s the wonderful knitting I mostly remember.

    I loved your book, because it brought Utah back for me. I felt like I was in the Cache Valley looking up at those wonderful mountains again. It also reminded me of my own childhood on a ranch in Arizona. I never really belonged there.

    Your book made me chuckle, smile with memories, and reach out to the people I still have in Utah. You reach for the things that truly matter in life and inspire us to do the same.

    Thank You.